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Artist- Bermano
Size 48 by 48 inches
Original $11500
Artist Proof embellished (edition of 10) 30 by 30 inches $1150

In this captivating painting titled "See the Big Picture," a magnificent owl takes center stage, its piercing gaze and majestic presence commanding attention. With its large, wise eyes, the owl symbolizes the depth of insight and perception found in nature. Surrounding the owl are a profusion of vibrant flowers, each blossom contributing to the intricate beauty of the scene. Through the juxtaposition of the owl's imposing stature and the delicate fragility of the flowers, the artist conveys the awe-inspiring complexity and interconnectedness of the natural world. The overarching message of the painting is clear: to truly appreciate the wonders of nature, one must adopt a broader perspective and see beyond the immediate details to grasp the larger, interconnected whole.


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