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Born in New York with a paintbrush in her hand in the year of '58. She has always been an artist. After high school in Altamonte Springs, FL she freelanced as a graphics artist; as she attended Valencia Community College '76-'78. She earned her Associate of Arts degree in fine arts; specializing in oil painting, printing, lettering, and visualization. Valencia is where she got her first taste of theatrical production. Coining the name Valencia Character Company, she created the sets and makeup for a number of productions.


Bonnie moved back to New York in '78 to acquire her Bachelor of Arts degree at Hofstra University in '80 with a major in Theatrical production and minor in graphics design. She specialized in makeup and set design. Trained in perspective drawing, two to three dimensional design, drafting, layout, and photography.


Photography became another passion. Mastering the art of theatrical photography, actors head shots and capturing bodybuilders on film. She has worked on several magazines as a photographer and writer.


In '84 she got into the art of sculpting her body with iron. She is an accomplished National Competitor. For lack of being bored she has four businesses. Since 1986 she has owned Uniquely Sprung Art and Photography Studio and Muscular Motion Gym. Most recently added USA Studio and Associates; which helps people save money on their health benefits. Florida landscapes of watery jungles are constant images captured on film in B&W then brought to life in two to three oil color combinations on acrylicly stained canvas; intertwined with muscular physiques ghosting through. Since Dec. '95 taking images of old and new ; illustrated and photo are brought to life once more in computer generated art. In 2000, Bonnie was introduced to public art and since has created designs for lizards, swans, butterflies, clowns, gators and geckos.

Bonnie is a member of the Women's Caucus For Art ( and is the most recent past president of the Florida chapter. She has exihibited her work in several shows over the years with the caucus and solo. Her work can be seen at

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