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Born in Saigon, raised in France, Minia is an emerging intuitive artist. She has been working mainly with acrylic paintings on canvas and photography. Most of her past collections have been produced in San Francisco. She is now based in Miami Beach since 2020. 

Minia's art is raw and instinctive - a quest for harmony and balance. The colors and strokes movement translate the vibrancy of Life's impermanence. The inspired viewer is often left in a meditative garden of new perceptions.


Her body of work is the conscious expression of physical-emotional alchemy that occurs through soulful healing. Minia's art and her practice of diverse holistic modalities, are inextricably intertwined. Every painting she creates is the embodiment  of deep transformative energies.


Minia believes that one can experience more freedom of health, mind and spirit, by bringing more awareness within one's life. Enriched by all her personal and professional experiences, she has developed her own "Healing Arts".

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