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Spend five minutes with Tali and you are seduced and inspired by her sincerity, beauty, and soulful warmth. View her artwork and you will know instantly why this exotic Israeli is one of the most respected and sought after young artists.

Her positive outlook on life was birthed by the social constraints and her humble beginnings in Tel Aviv. Here is where she started painting at the age of ten. Tali studied art, history, and creation in Tel Aviv before relocating to New York for a few years. Tali then studied privately for four years under a professor at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. During this time Tali was inspired by colors, shape, contrast, and imagery to better express her inner soul and spirituality, which enabled her to flower into the artist she has become.

After nurturing and developing her talent in Los Angeles where her work was featured in several gallery shows and purchased by art savvy Hollywood elites, Tali relocated to Miami.

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