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Rainy afternoons were a favorite childhood memory. I would watch and analyze the convex and concave patterns made by raindrops on the windows. The colors so bright, the lines undulating in tiny worlds repeated on the glass pane.

It came as no surprise that reflection, color, transparency, and the natural world have a firm and abundant place in my art.

There are five series I am currently exploring. The first is Witnessing Waves. The Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers are natural highways, and the trees, bluffs, stones, and habitats surrounding these two magnificent rivers are the settings for the colorful series.

The Shifting series is about our oceans, and the tectonic plates, trenches, and living crust that we all are precariously perched upon. Rich and full of textures and nuance, these powerful works reflect the mystery, power, and importance of our connection to the planet.

A much more intimate and introspective series is notes to self. These paintings are built 20-40 layers deep, each translucent layer a decision, a reminder to myself. Its sister series On the Road is just getting its sea legs.

Purely Textural could also be titled Purely Fun. It's full of experiments, some successful, others not. Texture, patina, paint, glass, paper and more, this series frees me to explore extreme mediums.

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