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Size 48 by 60 inches
Original $18500
Artist Proof Embellished (edition of 10) 30 by 40 inches $1850

Introducing a mesmerizing masterpiece that seamlessly blends the enchantment of fantasy with the allure of scientific discovery. This captivating painting features none other than Donald Duck, a beloved emblem of boundless imagination, guiding us into a world of limitless possibilities. On the opposing side, a captivating mosaic of colors surrounds the intriguing number "186000," symbolizing the unparalleled speed of light IN MILES PER SECOND. This extraordinary juxtaposition of whimsy and scientific precision invites you to own a piece that not only ignites your imagination but also sparks curiosity about the wonders of our universe. This artwork isn't just a visual delight; it's an investment in wonder, a conversation starter a canvas that kindles both creativity and intellect in a truly remarkable way.


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