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Artist Bermano
Size 30 by 40 inches
Original SOLD $14500
Artist Proof Embellished (edition of 10) 30 by 40 inches $1650


In this heartwarming painting titled "Be Happy," a majestic lion gazes up at the sky in awe, captivated by the boundless wonders above. Surrounding the lion, whimsical balloons dance through the air, their vibrant colors inviting viewers to embrace joy and lightness in their lives. Amidst the playful scene, a gentle reminder floats by, encouraging observers to take a moment and enjoy the simple pleasures. The lion's expression of wonder serves as a poignant reminder to cherish life's small delights and to approach each day with a sense of curiosity and appreciation. As viewers engage with this charming artwork, they are inspired to let go of worries and embrace the uplifting spirit of happiness that surrounds them.


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