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Artist- Bermano
Size 30 by 40 inches
Original $7800
Artist Proof embellished (edition of 10) 30 by 40 inches $780

In this painting, the artist presents a breathtaking portrayal of the wonders of creation, with a particular focus on a magnificent 400-year-old olive tree. Standing as a testament to the passage of time and the resilience of nature, the tree commands attention. Surrounding the ancient olive tree, the scene unfolds with an abundance of vibrant foliage and delicate blooms, each element contributing to the overall sense of reverence and awe. Through skillful brushwork and the play of light and shadow, the artist captures the essence of the natural world in all its miraculous beauty. Viewers are invited to contemplate the intricate details of the scene and reflect on the enduring marvels of life and creation.


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